Skill-Loan Launches First Online B2B Marketplace for Automotive Industry connects auto repair shops, body shops, specialty auto shops and parts suppliers saving members valuable time and helping them increase their profits.

San Carlos, CA, April 3, 2017 – Skill-Loan SA, a San Carlos-based start-up company, today announced the launch of its online marketplace, dedicated to the Auto Repair industry.  Repair shops will be able to outsource business to each other, borrow tools and equipment, share employees and even locate and buy hard to find new or refurbished parts.  With the Automotive business being highly cyclical, Skill-Loan is enabling the concept of employee sharing, where shops will be able to request employees to cover for employees on vacation or out on leave, while shops that are less busy will be able to loan out their employees for a pre-determined period.  Collision Repair and Body shops will be able to sell their used body parts and maximize their profits.  With auto dismantlers, used parts suppliers and specialty suppliers connected to the platform, all members will be able to expand their networks, find and buy what they want, sell their excess parts as well as outsource their unique capabilities to other shops, in a very efficient manner. 

“We believe that the auto repair industry can greatly benefit from more collaboration and business automation to increase efficiency and profits, said Elie Massabki, Founder and CEO of the company.  “Many shops collaborate with their neighbors today but they do it in an inefficient manner; they struggle while they manage auto repair work and business operation to achieve profitability. Managing their constantly changing Human Resources needs is also a big challenge.  Mechanics Marketplace will expand their network and resources, enable them to borrow employees and improve time management so they can be more successful.”

"As an automotive industry veteran and certified mechanic, I was happy to see a new internet tool for auto repair owners that gives us more efficient ways to do our jobs and increase our profits", said Paul Grech, owner of Allied Engine & Auto Repair and former President of the Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) - San Francisco Chapter.  "I want to encourage other shop owners and managers to think outside the box and leverage the MechanicsMarketplace application to benefit their business."

"The Mechanicsmarketplace App. is a greatly needed resource for us in many ways.  It will help us quickly find temporary technicians to cover for some of our techs; it will give us an additional resource to locate used parts for some of our cars and help us outsource some of the mechanical work we don't do here", said Tony Olea, Operations Manager at Dynamic Auto Body.  "I am also very happy that we can now sell our used body parts and increase our profits with the App."

About the MechanicsMarktplace App

The Application (The App.) is intuitive and easy to use.  It was designed to save time by proactively seeking solutions.  Members can post what they are looking for in minutes and their request goes to all registered members- based on their notification preferences.  Shop owners or suppliers that have what the member requested, respond directly to him/her.  The member can potentially receive multiple responses or proposals and s/he can decide who to conduct a transaction with.   Members get rated for the service they provide and this helps create trust in their business and maintain a higher standard of quality and service in the network.        

The App., which is now available on desktop computers running Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari Operating Systems, will be available as downloadable IOS and Android applications within a month.  The use of the App. is free and membership in Mechanics Marketplace is also free.  We charge sellers a nominal service fee from their transaction revenue.  To register and become members, users go to, click on the “Register” button and sign up.  It takes less than 3 minutes.  There is no cost, obligation or credit card required to register.  

We have already on-boarded several hundred shops and suppliers in the California Bay Area and the marketplace is now open and operational.   For more information, please contact us at