Skill-Loan’s New Software Release Helps Auto Technicians to Find Part-time and Temporary Jobs to Supplement Their Incomes

New release of Mechanics Marketplace website and application offer recruiting service and closer collaboration between auto repair shops with Premium Membership service.

San Carlos, CA, January 3, 2018 – Skill-Loan LLC, a San Carlos-based Software as a Service (SaaS) company, today announced the availability of Mechanics & Body Shops Marketplace V2.0 with a Premium Membership service for auto repair and body shops looking for full-time employees and a service for auto technicians looking to supplement their incomes with temporary or part-time work.  Premium members can post jobs and find technicians, service advisors and service writers free-of-charge as part of their Premium Membership subscription.  Auto technicians can be notified of short-term assignments posted by local auto repair and body shops or post their availability for work. The new release of the Application insures best fit between the employee’s skills and qualifications and what the shop owners are looking for.

“On average, every auto repair employee is out of the shop 4 weeks of the year for vacation, sick days, jury and military duty and personal time-off”, said Elie Massabki, founder and CEO of Skill-Loan.  “With technicians contributing $1000-$2000/day in gross profits to a shop, shop owners are missing out on $10,000 to $20,000 in gross profits each year for each technician they employ.  At the same time, many technicians are looking for opportunities to supplement their incomes during their time off. Mechanics Marketplace helps auto repair shops put significant profits back in their pockets by having borrowed technicians and free-lancers cover for their absent workers while helping technicians increase their incomes.”    

Skill-Loan had its first Northern California mid-Peninsula kick-off meeting on December 19, 2017 with local members to learn how to best make use of the Mechanics & Body Shops Marketplace application and discuss common issues they would like to tackle as a group. While many collaboration ideas were discussed, shop owners unanimously confirmed the need for temporary and full-time technicians.  Other regional networks are now being formed in various US cities and technicians are being introduced to the App. 

"The number one issue that keeps me and my general manager up at night is the availability of reliable and experienced technicians.", said Mark Schwartz, CEO and Owner at Holland Car Care ( in San Carlos, California.  "I think this is a nationwide problem and especially in the California Bay Area.  I am pleased to finally find a company that is focused on our industry and where I can go to find full-time employees as well as technicians to cover for my absent ones." 

“As an 18-year independent, high-end and European car service, repair shop and used car dealer, we do share employees and knowledge frequently from shop to shop. We work closely with factory dealers as well, especially for newer cars and more complicated programming. Mechanics Marketplace is an ideal platform to help me with both”; commented Zim Gwee, owner of Topline Automobile Inc. ( in San Mateo, California.  “I have 28 years technician experience; I have invested heavily in high-end diagnostics equipment and I am excited about the opportunity to sublet services to and from other shops and recoup my investment faster.”

The website name and logo have been changed to Mechanics & Body Shops Marketplace to better represent the businesses in our network.  Technicians and auto repair and body shop owners can also find us at and  More than 100 body shops and 300 general auto repair shops are members of Mechanics & Body Shops Marketplace today. 

Premium Membership rates start at $99/month and for a limited time, Skill-Loan is offering 2 free months with an annual subscription.  Satisfaction is guaranteed so joining the network is risk-free.  To receive a copy of the Program Details, send an email to  Technicians and service writers can register for free.   

We are actively recruiting independent reps. to build regional trusted networks nationwide.  For more information, please contact us at


About the Mechanics Marketplace Application

The Mechanics & Body Shops Marketplace Application (The App.) connects auto repair and body shops with technicians and helps auto repair shops to collaborate ethically, formally and efficiently.  It enables Auto Repair shops to sublet work to trusted peers in the network, formally rent tools and equipment, ethically borrow and loan employees, find part-time technician contractors and even locate and buy hard-to-find, new, refurbished or used parts efficiently.  By accepting the Site Terms and Conditions of Use, members agree not to hire an employee they borrow, the number one rule of ethics that members have to adhere to.  Some auto repair shops are sitting on older inventory, open stock items that they can’t return, tools and equipment they no longer want or used body parts that insurance companies will accept as replacement for repairs.  The App. enables them to find good homes for these items.  Premium membership allows shop owners to additionally post jobs, sell their business, collaborate closely with their peers and save on transaction fees.

With the Automotive business being like a roller coaster, Skill-Loan is enabling the concept of employee sharing, where shops are able to request employees to cover for employees on vacation or out on leave, while shops that are less busy can loan out their employees for a pre-determined period to avoid profit losses.  Technicians can register for free and find temporary job assignments and post their availability for short term assignments.  Collision Repair and Body shops are able to sell their used body parts and maximize their profits.  With auto dismantlers, used parts suppliers and specialty suppliers connected to the platform, all members are able to expand their networks, find and buy what they want, sell their excess inventory as well as outsource their unique capabilities to other shops, in a very efficient manner.

The App. is intuitive and easy to use.  It was designed to save time and eliminate risk by guiding shop owners and managers through the process.  Members can post what they are looking for in minutes and their request goes to all registered members- based on their notification preferences.  Shop owners or suppliers that have what the member requested, respond directly to him/her.  The member can potentially receive multiple responses or proposals and s/he can decide who to conduct a transaction with.   Members get rated for the service they provide and this helps build trust in their business and service and maintain a higher standard of quality and service in the network.        

The App. is available on desktop computers running Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari Operating Systems, and it can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore and Android GooglePlay. To register and become members, users go to, they click on the “Register” button and sign up.  It takes less than 3 minutes.


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