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The Auto Repair Marketplace.
Where Repair Shops Collaborate and Succeed Together.

Mechanics Marketplace is a membership website portal and mobile application dedicated to the Automotive industry. Auto repair shops, including Body and Collision Repair shops, can sublet work to other shops, borrow and loan employees, borrow and loan tools, and buy and sell parts, supplies, tools, equipment, cars and even their business. Auto workers such as Technicians and Service Advisors can find new full-time jobs, part-time and temporary work.

Need Help ASAP Or Looking For New Employee?

Borrow a vetted employee from a fellow auto-repair shop and never turn down a customer. We also refer employees to you.

Business is slow?

Loan an employee to a business that needs it. Don't worry, they can't steal him/her for 12 months. See details in FAQs.

Want to borrow equipment or tools?

Another friendly shop may have what you want sitting idle. Never turn down a customer.

Want Hard-to-Find Part?

Or can't meet distributor minimum orders? A nearby Shop may sell you what you need

Want to Sell Parts, Supplies, Equipment or Business?

We have thousands of auto repair shop members interested in what you want to sell.

Too busy or Can't Service a Certain Car?

Don't upset or send your customer away. Sublet the service and never risk losing a customer.

Free Membership vs. Premium Membership

Premium Membership is reserved to auto repair shops, body shops and dealerships that pride themselves in their high-quality work, exercise best workmanship practices, are committed to offering a safe and clean work environment for their employees and abide by high work ethics. For these members we create a "Trust Zone" to operate in, enforced by a contractual agreement that all members have to sign to insure all the terms are adhered to. All Premium Members have to sign up for an initial twelve-month membership and each renewal consists of a six-month or twelve-month term. The longer term commitment promotes higher collaboration among members and an opportunity to balance borrowing and loaning needs on the site.

Free Membership Premium Membership
Borrow & Loan Employees
Borrow/Rent Tools
Sublet Auto Services
Buy & Sell Parts/Supplies/Equipment/Tools/Cars
Buy & Sell a Business
Post Jobs
Search Employee Resumes
Complete Member Profiles Shared
Operate Inside "Trust Zone"
Protection from Employee Poaching Strong Very Strong
Seller Transaction Fees *
Low Monthly Subscription Fee
Contract Types Terms & Conditions of Use Premium Membership Agreement + T&Cs of Use
Note: * Only credit card fees

About us

We are Skill-Loan LLC based in California and we operate the Mechanics & Body Shops Marketplace site and mobile applications, a SaaS and marketplace dedicated to the auto repair and collision industry.  We created the website and Apps. to address the fundamental inefficiency in the Auto repair industry costing $40B in productivity every year. The market inefficiency is caused by the unpredictable and random nature of service demand combined with planned and unplanned employee absences from the shop. This problem is accentuated by a national shortage of technicians- getting worse every year- with more baby boomer techs retiring than new millennial techs entering the market. To address this problem, a) shop owners/dealership service directors and technicians need a tool to connect to each other in real-time and b) shops need to collaborate in an ethical manner to share resources to address the daily and weekly changes in service demand vs. resources available. The outcome is a more productive and efficient industry, higher profitability for the shops and higher income for auto technicians.


frequently asked questions

  • How do you help me find full-time employees with Premium Membership?
    We essentially become your retained recruiter (for a fraction of the cost of a recruiter). We schedule a call to understand your needs and quickly get to work for you. We promote your job on social media and with our existing tech and service advisor members (50-100 members added every week). We give incentives to our members for referring friends and we buy leads from various job sites. We interview candidates to make sure there is a fit between your needs and the candidate's skills and experience. Once you find a candidate you want to make an offer to, we can optionally run background and DMV checks on the candidate for a flat fee of $50. You can cancel your membership at any time but we ask you, on an honor basis, to remain a member for 12 months and continue to take advantage of your membership.
  • Is the membership available to techs and service advisors looking for a job?
    Yes, techs and service advisors can "Register as a Tech or Service Advisor" and either respond to an employee request or post their availability for jobs or contract work. If they are interested in part-time or full-time jobs, they simply need to notify us and we will promote them with our shop and dealership members.
  • What are the benefits and costs for techs and service advisors?
    Registering on the site is free to techs and service advisors. The benefits are plenty: - Pick up temporary jobs on-demand to supplement your income on your days off - Be exposed to new job postings from our trusted member shops - Get help with your new job search: resume review, negotiations, coaching through the process. Just tell us you're open to new opportunities and we start batting for you. - Get job interviews with multiple shops from our trusted shop network and pick the best place that fits your needs. - Buy high-quality tools at a fraction of tool truck prices through our partnership with Steelman - Get discounted training to enhance your skills and improve your career - Receive industry news & self-enriching/useful articles - Join our fun activities and social gatherings.
  • What does borrowing and loaning techs mean? How does it work?
    When you borrow a tech, you are actually not hiring this employee. He/She remains employed by the other auto repair shop. This means, you don't have to hassle with payroll, insurance, benefits and other HR issues. You also get a tech that is experienced and vetted by his/her employer so you don't need to go through an extensive interview and screening process. The other auto shop assigns this tech to you for the agreed period and the 2 shop owners/managers agree on a financial arrangement for this assignment. If you are unhappy with this tech after the first day, you can send him/her back and only pay for the 1st day.
  • If I borrow a tech from another shop, do I have to pay his salary?
    No, the employee remains on his employer's payroll. You agree with the employer on an hourly rate for his/her time and the period of time the employee will be working for you. You pay the employer directly in advance.
  • Do the techs work for Skill-Loan or Mechanics Marketplace?
    No. The techs remain employed by their auto repair business at all time.
  • If I loan my employees, how do I prevent the other Shops from hiring them?
    Every member of Mechanics Marketplace has to agree to the Terms and Conditions which state that an employer borrowing an employee agrees not to hire this employee for a period of 12 months. The shop hiring an employee that it borrowed may be liable for the employee's prior annual salary and cancelation of its membership in Mechanics Marketplace.
  • What is the role of Skill-Loan or Mechanics Marketplace?
    Skill-Loan operates the Mechanics Marketplace platform and facilitates transactions between 2 auto repair shops and between an auto repair shop and an employee looking for a job. We do not buy, sell, borrow, loan or hire anyone or anything. See the Terms and Conditions for more details. Our App. walks through a step-by-step process to insure best fit between the parties and it addresses issues related to insurance and tools. When a customer signs up for Premium Membership, Mechanics Marketplace acts as a retained recruiter, as needed, to help a customer find and hire employees.
  • Does The Mechanics marketplace set the prices and rates?
    No. This is all done between auto repair shop owners.
  • How do I know that I am dealing with a real auto repair shop owner or a technician?
    Every member's phone number and email are verified and we constantly monitor member registrations to deter and shut down impostors and hackers. Our site is very secure and hosted by a highly reputable, top-tier US based hosting company. We also encourage all our members to report any suspicious activity and we investigate them immediately. The security of our site and the privacy of our members is our utmost priority.
  • Can I hire techs that I borrow?
    If you connect with a tech. directly through our App. or if we refer one to you, you are welcome to make this employee an offer of employment. On the other hand, if you are borrowing a tech from another member shop, you are prohibited from doing so, per the Terms & Conditions of Use and may be liable for the employee's prior annual salary and cancelation of your membership in Mechanics Marketplace.
  • What's the fee for borrowing a tool or equipment?
    There is no set fee; the business loaning or renting a tool or equipment sets the price.
  • Are the parts for sale new or used?
    The primary objective of the "Sell Parts" function is to help auto repair shops to get rid of their inventory of new parts they have purchased on behalf of customers but the customers didn't show up. That said, some shops may have refurbished or used parts in excellent shape that other businesses may want. The "Buy"and "Sell" is entirely between buyer and seller and the Terms and Conditions require the sellers to accurately represent the items they are selling.
  • How do I get paid for an employee or equipment I loan or a part I sell?
    The funds will be transferred automatically to the bank account you have entered in your settings. It's important that you complete this section of the Settings prior to conducting a transaction with another business.
  • Is Skill-Loan or Mechanics Marketplace a broker or agent?
    No; we are a facilitator and we do not represent any party.
  • What is the cost of membership in Mechanics Marketplace?
    We offer 2 plans to meet your needs, as explained above. The free registration plan is ideal for employees, suppliers, and shops with limited needs. The Premium Membership starts at $99/mo. and is ideal for most shops, especially those looking for part-time and full-time employees. It offers a lot more value than posting jobs on job sites and spending $300-500/mo. with no guaranteed results. With Premium membership, we act as a retained recruiter. We can also run background and DMV checks on your candidates to give you peace of mind. The Premium membership can be canceled at any time with a 30-day advance notice. Don't forget to ask your sales rep. for the promotion of the month.
  • Independent Reps. Wanted

    We are in expansion mode and we are looking for motivated Independent Reps. throughout the United States that sell to auto repair shops, body shops and dealerships. We offer a very attractive commission plan with generous residuals. If you are interested, send us an email at

    Contact us

    We love to hear from you and help you. We can be reached by email or phone:


    Phone: (800) 989-8094